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Carl Nilson Lifetime Achievment Award

Carl Nilson Portrait
The lifetime achievement award started in the 1990’s as a way to recognize an MCC member who has shown a dedication to the club over the course of time. For example, past recipients held leadership roles, substantially improved the reputation of MCC, created out-reach programs that supported the mission of the club, and volunteered in significant ways to enhance the quality of programs available to members.of long standing who have devoted time and energy to making the Memphis Camera Club better and advancing its goals. 

Carl Nilson received the lifetime achievement award in 2001. Carl joined the Memphis Camera Club in May of 1990. Carl had spent decades teaching photography to enthusiasts in the Memphis area, including many members of the club. The current basic photography  class taught by Tom Furlotte is named in Carl's honor.

In 2011 Carl passed away and the lifetime achievement award was renamed in his honor.

 Year  Honoree
 1990  Walter & Lenette Mewborn  
 1996 Loraine Campbell
 2001 Carl Nilson
 2010 Beverly Hammond
 2011 Tom Furlotte
 2012 Joesph Sullivan