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Competition Summary


Below is a summary of Memphis Camera Club competition guidelines. Complete details may be downloaded here: MCC Handbook.


General Competition Guidelines

The Memphis Camera Club (MCC) conducts two photographic competitions each month: One for prints and one for digital projection images. These general competition guidelines apply to print and digital competitions.

  1. Any member in good standing may enter prints or digital images in the competitions.
  2. Each member may enter a maximum of four photographs per month as prints, digitals or a combination thereof.
  3. There are three exceptions to the maximum limit.
    1. A photo judged to be in the wrong category one month may be re-entered in the correct category the following month. To accommodate that correction, the affected member's maximum is raised to five entries for that month.
    2. Photo subjects for the "Assigned" category are designated by the Competition Committee in the print and digital competitions for specific months each year. Those who compete in the "Assigned" category may enter five photographs during the selected months. A list of current assigned category subjects may be seen here.
    3. Judges may not compete during the months they judge. To compensate, they may enter one to four additional images in other months. Judges may not exceed the annual maximum allowed for all members in a competition year.
  4. An image may be entered in competition only once. This limitation includes duplicates shot in camera and exposure brackets of the same image. A different photograph of the same location or subject that is similar – but not identical – to a previously entered photo may be submitted. Such an image must contain substantial differences such as a varied camera position, different lens or a filter effect.
  5. Photographs taken at any time may be submitted for competition, except for assigned subjects, which must be taken within the competition year.
  6. Photographs created by relying largely on the work of others may not be submitted in the competitions. For example, this situation may arise in a class or workshop environment in which others arrange the lighting, props or camera settings.


Print Competition Guidelines

  1. Images for the print competition must be submitted by 5:00 PM Saturday prior to the first Thursday of the month.
  2. All images must be submitted to the VisualPursuits competition system here.
  3. Instructional videos on the use of VisualPursuits can be found on the MCC Blog.
  4. Prints including the mat or mounting board maybe a maximum of 16” x 20”.
  5. Prints must be securely mounted to firm backing material such as foam core board or gator board.
  6. Matted prints are acceptable if the print and mat are securely attached.
  7. Framed prints are not acceptable.
  8. Names on the front of the print or mat should be covered.
  9. Print titles must be five words or less.
  10. Prints must be labeled on the back with the category, title, name of the maker and an arrow indicating right side up. This labeling may be written on the print, the backing material or on a sheet of paper attached to the back of the print.
  11. Presentation is a factor. Mats, mounts and prints should be clean, free of finger prints, and well done.
  12. Prints are viewed in a light box lit with two GTI Graphiclite D50 (5,000 Kelvin) whitepoint daylight flourescent lamps with a color rendition index (CRI) of 95. An industry standard for color viewing. 
  13. The print competition is comprised of the following ten categories:
  1. Nature. Included are wild flora and fauna such as wildlife, plants, and trees. Manmade materials may be depicted but should be contributing elements rather than key subjects of the photograph. Wildlife is defined as any animal not under the care of and/or confined by man. Wild flora are plants, trees, or flowers not cultivated by man.
  2. Landscape. Included are landscapes, nature images, sunsets, urban landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and farm scenes. Animals may be depicted but should be contributing elements rather than key subjects of the photograph.
  3. Animals (captive). Captive animals are the central subject of photographs in this category. Animals under the care of man can be included.  Examples of animals allowed are pets, zoo animals, farm and domesticated animals. Note: wildlife should be entered in the "Nature" category.
  4. People. This is the place for studio portraits, candid, color and monochrome. If the main subject of a photo is a person, it belongs in this category.
  5. Living Detail/Still Life. Photographs in this category showcase smaller scenes, small objects, and details of larger objects that may tell a bigger story. Included are flowers, macro photos, table-top sets and similar images.
  6. Creative. An image whose origin is a photograph (or photographs) captured in-camera, then manipulated digitally in image editing software without limitation. If multiple photographs are used, they must all be captured by the entrant. However, any enhancement must be done by the entrant. No image will be eliminated simply because it looks realistic. The creativity may occur in setting up the scene, capturing the image, in post-production or any combination thereof. Your photograph will be judged primarily on originality of concept and/or use of a creative technique/style.
  7. Monochrome. Photographs in this category highlight the beauty – and the challenge – of monochrome photography. Various tones of one color such as gray scale, sepia, cyanotype, selenium, etc. are acceptable. Monochrome images with portions in full color (selective color) should be entered in the Creative category. Attributes such as shape, form, texture and contrast make the difference between record shots and fine art. All monochrome images except those that qualify for the People and Creative category belong here.
  8. Straight from the Camera. Members are encouraged to submit images from point and shoot cameras or mobile devices such as phones and tablets, though images from all cameras are acceptable in this category. The only editing permitted is cropping of images and conversion from RAW format in order to produce an image that can be projected or printed. All other editing and enhancements such as lighting adjustments, saturation, cloning, and sharpening are strictly prohibited, regardless whether they are initiated within the camera or mobile device or done after the image is exported to a computer software program.
  9. Assigned. Each year the Competition Committee designates specific months in which there will be an "Assigned" category in the print and digital competitions. Topics are announced at the beginning of each competition year. MCC members may enter one photograph in the Assigned category – print or digital – in each designated month. Entries must have been made during the current competition year. Upon notice the Competition Committee may waive the date requirement for a special assignment.
  10. Open. Anything that does not fit in other categories.

Digital Competition Guidelines

  1. Images for the digital competition must be submitted by 11:30 PM Monday prior to the competition.
  2. All images must be submitted to the VisualPursuits competition system here.
  3. Instructional videos on the use of VisualPursuits can be found on the MCC Blog.
  4. Entries must be in JPG format not more than 1920 pixels wide and 1200 pixels tall in the sRGB color space.
  5. To soft proof images download the latest Canon WUX500 ICC profile here. The Canon projector is profiled twice a year.
  6. A detailed video for preparation of digital images is on our club's YouTube channel and may be watched here. Also there are written directions in Appendix No. 1 of the MCC Handbook, p. 10.
  1. The digital competition is comprised of the same ten as the print competition. See above for detailed descriptions.
    1. Nature.
    2. Landscape.
    3. Animals (captive).
    4. People.
    5. Living Detail/Still Life.
    6. Creative.
    7. Monochrome.
    8. Straight from the Camera.
    9. Assigned.
    10.  Open

Display of Winning Photographs

Winning images will automatically be displayed in the "Competition Awards" section of the MCC website. Included are images that receive a score of 24 or above, or those that win or tie in its category regardless of score.


If you have an questions relating to the MCC Monthly Competition please email us at:


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