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Judging Schedule

Please Notify Allen Sparks or  Patrick Thompson if you won't be able to judge for your assigned month.

2019 Schedule of Judges:


January 3rd: Phil Leider, Ed Greenhaw, Barry Siegel

February 7th: Angie Menne, Mimi Ragon, Ellen Cox

March 7th: Tom Spatig, Mike Sorensen, Tim Wheat

April 4th: Rick Barnard, Paula Cravens, Allen Sparks

May 2nd: Patrick Thompson, Bob Laster, Michael Pachis

June 6th: Paul Nolte, Rick Pinelli, Barry Siegel

July 11th: Paul Fultz, Mimi Ragon, Phil Leider

August 1st: Rick Barnard, Rog Sphar, Tim Wheat

September 5th: Paula Cravens, Tom Spatig, Tom Furlotte

October 3rd: Paul Nolte, Mike Sorensen, Ellen Cox

November 7th: Michael Pachis, Angie Menne, Allen Sparks

December 5th: Tom Furlotte, Bob Laster, Patrick Thompson


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